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    Song of the Sea show was started in 2007 replacing the 25 years old Musical Fountain show. It is
    EZ LOAN ‘s only permanent show set in the sea. It has a spectacular pyrotechnics displays, a live cast and an open air viewing gallery for 2500 visitors.

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    If you chose to make investing a career, you will be sued one day. It is not something I look forward to, but it is a reality. Even if you enter into an arrangement with perfect intentions and honorable heart, someone will view you in their sights as a payday. You don’t even have to do anything wrong to be sued! Arranging your affairs to protect your assets from creditors, plaintiffs, and the taxman is tedious, expensive, complicated, and time consuming. Yet every successful real estate investor takes the time and spends the money to do it, thus assuring that their hard-earned money stay theirs and not the victim of a law suit.